Louth Politometer

Today the Louth and Horncastle Liberal Democrats, together with colleagues from the East Lindsey Green Party, and Make Votes Matter (https://www.makevotesmatter.org.uk/), were out in Louth town centre running a pop-up survey on our voting system, the economy and Brexit.

We had some excellent engagement with the people of Louth, some interesting conversations, and the results were also quite informative.

It was clear that people wanted to talk about these, and other issues, and get away from the more unpleasant style of politics that have been so prevalent recently.

The pop-up survey (also known as a politometer) results suggested that:

– The majority (81%) of people felt that their vote was important and it mattered

– But also the majority of people (83%) agreed that the UK should have a fairer voting system.

The Liberal Democrats agree with this and we are also calling for Fair Votes (https://www.libdems.org.uk/fairvotes)

– On economic questions, the majority of people (86%) do not trust the UK Government on the environment, the cost of living crisis, the sewage crisis etc.

– And the majority of people do not believe the NHS is safe under this Government (82%).

– On Brexit, only 26% of people felt that it was possible to make a success of Brexit. Most people either answered “Don’t Know” (27%) or “No” (47%).

– And on the question of “Exiting from Brexit”, 39% of people agreed that we should “Exit from Brexit”, but the majority (41%) answered “No” and 20% said “Don’t Know”.

(East Lindsey voted 70.7% in favour of Leave in 2016, so this might suggest a change in support away from Brexit).

We would like to thank the people in Louth who took time out to stop and chat with us today, and completed our survey.

Please let us know what you think.

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